Video Editor

5 Golden Rules of a Video Editor

Editing can be quite a task for the people without imagination and the creativity in solving problems. Actually, a developed problem-solving skill and some logic are always necessary when you are changing the shots and no video editor could go without it. There are also some important rules you should follow if you want to learn to be a good editor.

Important Rules Any Video Editor Should Follow

You could argue that this is a field for imagination and it’s your own vision and you have the right to do whatever you want with the video. It is true, yet it doesn’t spare you from some basic things to keep in mind.

  1. Cut right in the middle of the movement.
    This one could be quite hard to do for the beginners as well as for the professionals. You could say that the whole video editing is the story of trying to make this perfect cut. You should aim right for the center of the movement to make it look nice.
  2. There should be some motive in each cut.
    There always should be a reason for it. You have to try to make the video better and this is the only goal you’re following.
  3. Try to make the cuts smooth.
    This could be achieved by focusing on the elements. In each scene there are similar things, that could be your attention getters. This would work even if the scene is completely different from many perspectives.
  4. You could do the B-roll.
    This is the part of storytelling. The B-roll allows you to tell the story of the picture, right before you jump to the main event.
  5. Jumping can be quite hurtful.

When you’re working on an interview, make sure you don’t jump between the similar shots and cut out words. It’s an easy mistake, yet it would be noticeable for the viewers.

The Video Sets the Rules

Following the rules is good, but there is always the room for some experiments and you should not be afraid of experimenting. Remember that innovation matters and it’s the video that sets the rules of the problem. If you think there is no prominent solution, look for the new one, create a new one and apply your imagination for it. This is the way the famous editors did it.


Editing is really a place for your creativity and for the new and unique decisions. The sphere drives on those, watching the same tricks over and over again can be possibly quite boring and it’s the new stuff that makes it much more interesting. Yet you should at least know of the basic important rules any professional should know.