Producing a Video for a Restaurant

Creating a video for a restaurant is one of the most effective marketing tools. A well-crafted video showcasing the restaurant’s mouth-watering dishes, ambiance and the people in the front and back of the house is a sure sales booster.

Questions to Ask

The first thing that the owner needs to consider before creating a promotional video of his restaurant is to identify the personality of his or her place. What makes their restaurant unique? How will they brand it? Who are the target markets?  The answers to these questions must be specific. This is the initial step in creating a storyboard.

An effective video should have a memorable story. Plan ahead how will the video progress frame by frame. What will the actors do? What will they say? At what point in the video are the foods be shown? Things like these should be considered for better story telling of the video.

Setting the Mood

The next thing to consider is the mood. How will the video affect the audience?  The answer is quite easy. Employ the effects of lights and sounds. Pros will agree that using natural light will make the characters and the food look better and with a higher quality image. To take advantage of this, shoot near a place where natural lights are coming from.

If the light is heavy, tame it with an umbrella or any shade. Most of the advanced cameras have a way to soften or heighten the light.  As to the sound effect, it is challenging to shoot on busy hours as noises from cars and pedestrians might be picked-up.  To avoid this, schedule a shoot in off-hours to eliminate unwanted noise.


Cast natural actors. Better yet, get the staff of the restaurants- the cooks, chefs, and waiters. Collaborate with them how to play their part in the video. If they have few lines to say, give them time to memorize and practice how to say it.

Ask them to act as natural as possible. They should be devoid of inhibitions. Make them feels like there is no camera that will capture their expressions and actions. For some incredible restaurant marketing videos watch some here.

Have you ever produced a video for a restaurant? What obstacles did you have to overcome? Share your experience with us in the comment section!