Learning from the Most Common Video Editing Mistakes

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, the wrong part starts when you are not attentive enough to notice and prevent it. The same is true for video editing, there are some common mistakes most of the editors make in the beginning of their work. It takes just some attention and the desire for improvement to eliminate those.

Top 7 Mistakes Video Editors Make


  1. Not using the cut option.
    It’s quite common for many beginners to be unsure of where to cut and how to cut and being afraid of cutting too much. That’s why they try to avoid the option in most of the cases, cutting only in the place where it’s obviously needed.
  2. Using close-ups too often.
    When there is a dialogue or the action between the two people happening on the screen, they tend to close up their faces with each phrase of movement. This is done due to the lack of confidence in the viewer and the doubt of his or her understanding of the picture.
  3. Doing the wrong color correction.
    This one is tough to do at first and quite easy to make a mistake at, so you should be using many programs and tips that will help you to play with the colors right.
  4. Doing the bad audio job.
    Audio is the thing that gives you the chance to see the true professionalism in action. Most of the beginners make mistakes there, they don’t cut enough, the quality is poor or it’s too fast or too slow. The audio for the video is something that really requires some deep concentration.
  5. Lack of vision and planning.
    You should understand why you’re doing the video, what are your editing skills applied for and have the perfect version in your head. You need a plan if you want to make the best out of the thing.
  6. Using way too many filters.
    This might be the issue of using the smartphones and dealing with the filters way too often. There is no need to change everything in the video and make it totally different and unreal looking.
  7. Using the cut way too much.
    Along with not doing enough of the cut, many beginners cut way too much. This could also be quite a big issue and you need to find the golden mean between those two.

Using the Mistakes for Your Own Video Editing

If you’re just a beginner and you’re yet unsure of your abilities, you need to know the common mistakes and trace them in your works. It’s crucial to check those and to change the way you’re doing the job to make the final product much better. It would be much better if you do it all in advance and won’t make as many mistakes in the very beginning. If you’re already practicing, you will also need to review your works. The practice and the effort always pay back and it will be worth doing.

It’s impossible to avoid the mistakes completely, they’re the proof that you’re working. But it’s necessary for you to be willing to work on them and to change the way you’re working and to try new things. Without that, you won’t make much of the progress.