Font Choosing for Video Editors: Hints to Remember

When you think of the editing and videos, the font is the last thing that really comes to mind. At the first glance, the fonts are not connected to the video sphere in any way. The real issue kick in when you’re working on the motion graphics or just trying to create a good beginning or titles for your video. Any video editor should at least have a general idea what are the basic and proved rule about the fonts and their design.

Top 5 Font Tips for Video Editors

  1. Match the style.
    There is the thing here, you can’t use completely different styles, it all should be matching. If the video is sad or serious, using some crazy jumping font it not a good idea and you probably understand why.
  2. Keep it simple and easy.
    Don’t overload your font and try to avoid using serifs. Those small details can be quite annoying when you’re trying to read something. You don’t want to make it too hard for your viewer to see the titles because it will destroy the whole purpose.
  3. Choose the right place.
    Don’t stretch it out way too much, but the font shouldn’t look as it had shrunk. Also, try to place it in the center of the picture and don’t shift the thing to one side.
  4. Don’t go crazy with the colors.
    Your colors should be simple and plain, if you’re using the multiple coloring, it might look much less professional. And try to avoid something bright and annoying for the eye. Ideally the white on black would be the classic best option.
  5. Think of the black background.
    There are cases when you need to use the picture for the background and put some shot there, but in general plain black serves the purpose better. That’s the reason most of the editors use just the black background and place the titles there.

The Importance of Organization and the Hurt the Hurry Causes

If it’s the first time you’re doing the titles and working with the fonts, you will need more time for that one and you better have it. Being in a hurry and trying to do the thing as quickly as possible and not following the basic rules can lead to some bad job. Make sure you have enough time and play around with the fonts to see what actually looks good and how do the professionals do it. Once you’ve done it at least 5-6 times, you’ll get a solid idea of how the titles should look and what do all of those mistakes do to the thing.


It’s crucial to keep everything simple and avoid overloading your fonts with the serifs and unnecessary details. Always try to think in the key of comfortability since you need to make the titles easy to look at to understand. Remind yourself of the importance of organizational process and time management and leave yourself time to study the process. Remember that there are many more things you could do with the fonts, and many other effects to use and try to see what all of those are about. In the end, it’s always important to know the thing you’re working on and become a pro in one.