Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Improving your Beverly Hills home, particularly the key rooms and spaces inside the house can sometimes be tough, especially if you have little room to work on. Small bathrooms, for example, are one of the toughest ones to work with, particularly if you wish to make them look bigger. Here are some useful tips that will help make your bathrooms look bigger without having the need to break down walls.

1.    Start with the lights – begin improving your bathroom by increasing the light that comes inside. Beverly Hills luxury estate Bathrooms that are well lit tend to give a more spacious look. Moreover, you can change the wall color of your bathrooms. Try going for light colors on your ceiling and walls to give it a doubling effect. When it comes to your windows, invest in sheer window coverings that help maximize the natural light that is coming in.

2.    Mirrors also work – another thing that is tried and tested is the mirror. Install bigger mirrors in different parts of the house, especially in the bathroom. Once the light is reflected, it will give you that spacious effect on your spaces.

3.    Minimize your storage – if you are using storage options that are bulky and space-consuming, ditch them and switch to the ones that are flush closely to the walls as possible. You may also consider installing recessed shelves and cabinets for your medicines and other small important items.

4.    Take out the clutter – the key to eliminating clutter is this: if the item is no longer of use to you, discard it, or transfer it some other place. In your bathroom, for example, review all of your items and trim them down and retain only the essentials.

5.    Adjust the bar uptake the curtain bar inside your bathroom and raise it up a few more inches. This will create the illusion of your ceiling is taller than it used to. In addition, it will also make your bathroom window look larger.

6.    Shift to a sliding door – still for your bathroom, you may want to consider switching to a sliding door instead of the old school door. Since the door will no longer swing and eat up space, you will be able to further maximize the small space your bathroom has.

7.    Lighten up your flooring – lastly, you should also lighten up the color of your flooring. Doing so will create a more open flow inside your house and complement the colors of your walls and ceiling.